Who We Are


Servicing All Australians Marketing Needs

We are a full-service creative marketing and advertising agency built from the questions “We can do it; differently, we can do it better”.

Paradox Media specializes in creating new concepts and strategies through, as we call it, “different” creative ideas to drive revenue for our clients.

At Paradox Media, we think outside the box. Although we follow and observe the industry’s best practices and established methods, our approach and execution are unorthodox, which leads to extraordinary results.

Our agency helps local and national businesses with their marketing strategy and media planning/buying.


A Total Marketing Solution

In 2018, Paradox Media has been making its mark in the Australian media industry.

Paradox Media has pledged to provide its clients with a“total marketing solution”. At Paradox Media, we believe that full transparency across the marketing process is the key to building great professional relationships and gives buy-in from our clients to drive ROI.

At Paradox Media, we take pride in our media partner relationships across all advertising mediums in Australia. Our expertise includes Out of home advertising (billboard, airport, train stations, transit and retail advertising), TV, radio, cinema, print and digital.

Our Professional Team

The Experts Behind Paradox Media

Chris Grieve

Head of Organised Chaos

Meet Chris, our multi-talented forward thinker, adept at navigating current market trends. With sharp business acumen and a media-savvy mindset, he’s carving his own path in the metaverse. He’s our resident Digital Kingpin, constantly evolving and shaping the digital landscape.

Kelsey Grieve

Operations Ninja

Meet Kelsey, our financial superhero! Exceptional with numbers and passionate about helping others, she’s the backbone of both our operations and finance departments. From tracking sales to managing our company’s finances, Kelsey does it all with finesse and a smile. Detail-oriented and finance-savvy, she makes finance fun while keeping us on track!

Dean Sutherland

Content Jedi

Meet Dean, our content master. Dean, a seasoned expert in content creation, sales, marketing, and business development, brings over 15 years of experience to Paradox HQ. His dedication to crafting compelling communication materials and driving impactful marketing campaigns is unmatched. A collaborative team player, Dean thrives on innovation and is committed to fostering opportunities and growth across the Coffs Coast.

Katherine Listkow

Brand Warrior

Meet Katherine, our resident strategy designer and brand warrior. She boasts extensive marketing expertise, specialising in strategy design and digital footprint expansion for brand success. With a career spanning Australia’s east coast, she’s collaborated with major FMCG, sports, B2B, retail, and nonprofit brands. Passionate about impactful storytelling, she crafts strategies to maximise your marketing investment. Katherine thinks she can sing, but knows she can’t dance. A sucker for a great brand story, she can’t wait to hear yours.

Jervin Vinculado

Website Warlord
Meet Jervin, our digital dynamo. Crafting, managing, and sprinkling creative content across social channels is just the beginning. He’s your problem-solving pal, content creating connoisseur, and brand-building boss. Need to spice up your branding and boost web traffic? He’s your go-to guru! Plus, he’s all about trying new things, crunching data, and watching brands bloom.

James Usi

Design Doctor
Meet James, just what the doctor ordered for your visual identity. Passionate about creating visual stories for anyone, he loves making things look nice. A design & artworks enthusiast looking to make brands stand out in the digital world. Lover of all things art, tech, and design-related. Creativity makes him happy.

Jefferson Andres

Creative Cricket
Meet Jeff, our creator of great graphics and video. Equally passionate about crafting captivating graphics and editing mesmerising videos, he’s all about making things look stunning. An enthusiast for design and artworks, he’s on a mission to elevate brands in the digital realm. With a deep love for all things art, tech, and design-related, creativity is his ultimate fuel for happiness.

Harlem Cardel

Digital Dynamo
Meet Harlem, our versatile web developer extraordinaire. Specialising in creating, managing, and distributing dynamic content across various platforms. A problem solver, content creator, and brand builder. Equipped to elevate your business’s branding and drive traffic to your website. Passionate about innovation, data analysis, and brand development. Harlem is ready to work wonders for your online presence!

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