Coffs Harbour Racing Club

Digital Transformation

Coffs Harbour Racing Club

CHRC needed to eliminate the paper, pencil and phone call errors and reduce staff, time and money by creating a digital strategy.

It started with a complete rebrand; we created a new logo, cards, email signatures, and event packages. Then we created a new website that could be easily updated internally—getting all the info on the website to reduce pointless phone calls by 85%, freeing up time and money.


This was always done by hand, over the phone or in the office. We created a membership strategy driven through the website, meaning you could only purchase online. Partnered this with a kickass social, EDM and digital strategy and sold 350 memberships in 3 weeks. WE SOLD OUT!

Event Ticketing

Once again, this was always a labour intensive process with additional staff taking money in the office/over the phone. We partnered with a ticketing company and streamlined the process through the website. We then conditioned the market to online sales only. Due to covid, we also needed to create a “contactless” ticketing option to track how many people are coming, when they are coming, and who they are.

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