St. Vincent Health Care

Sales Driver

St. Vincent Health Care

St. Vincent Health Care provides Age Care facilities and is the largest private hospital operator in New South Wales. The issue was that they needed to boost sales for the two age care facilities. The first was a facility that needed brand awareness, while the other was a brand new multi-million dollar facility in Melbourne. 


We managed to achieve an 85% occupancy rate for one of Sydney’s most respected aged care homes by running radio and digital campaigns and OOH (out of home) and print ads that really connected with customers.


Marketing St. Vincent Health Care Melbourne is challenging, given the ongoing predicament during that time. We had to create revenues for an elderly care home that hadn’t even been completed yet during the peak of the COVID outbreak. We had to postpone the campaign several times due to lockdowns. We launched a significantly weighted out-of-home campaign that included radio, print, digital, and social media. We’ve sold 70% of the campaign so far.

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