Social Media

Social Media

Talk to 50.64% of the world's population through social networks.

Social Media is changing the world. All marketers want to come up with the next “big” thing to do or another way of keeping their audience engaged. But the hard truth for many businesses is that Social Media isn’t about what you think it is, and even worse, there’s a lot more to it than just posting on Facebook and Twitter every once in a while. 

We’re here to help with a personalized social media strategy. We’ll work with you to define your goals and determine your audience. Then, we’ll craft an effective social media campaign—tailored to your brand—to drive sales, increase engagement and more. 

Paradox Media Social Media Strategy

Social Media Marketing is an ongoing process, and we help you build a brilliant strategy. We’re creative, innovative, and not afraid to try something new if it works better for our clients. We use multiple channels to attract the right audience for your brand. 

Our team of experts designs and implements strategies that help you connect to your target audience and ultimately boost sales. We work hand in hand with every client to craft a social media strategy tailored to their needs. 

What we can do for you:

  • Account Management 
  • Social Advertising (Paid Media) 
  • Account Growth 
  • Digital Marketing Consultancy 

What we cover:

  • We will create and manage social media accounts for you. We’ll manage all your accounts on social media sites while you work on bringing new customers through your doors.
  • Having hands-on experience in content management for your business.
  • We will write engaging and helpful content that promotes your business and its image.
  • We’ll design a campaign for you, post regularly, engage your community and motivate it.
  • Business Manager set up
  • Create Ad Manager Campaigns (target driven via strategic approach and managed with all leads provided).
  • Recommended Ad Spend Campaign Implementation per month.
  • Facilitate Ad Campaigns.
  • Creation of Facebook Pixel if not active.
  • Consultancy from Paradox Media at no charge for future business development.
  • Generate monthly performance reports.

We’re a creative marketing agency that offers expertise in social media, search engine optimization, and conversion optimization. Let us drive your digital efforts through our creative engagement and initiatives that will produce amazing results for your business. If you’re interested in creating a solid presence with effective social marketing, we can help! 

Social Media FAQ
The Reason For Choosing Us

We Are Experts At What We Do

Using our experience and resources, we’ll navigate your brand through the stormy seas of social media. Leading to your brand reaching more target customers and getting a greater return on your investment. 

Marketing your business on social media is a stormy voyage. From strategic goal setting to smart analysis, you can’t get where you’re going without knowing where you are right now. That’s where we come in. 

Can social media marketing really help my business?

Without a doubt! It has been shown time and over again by businesses. In fact, according to a 2011 Constant Contact report, 73 percent of organizations have already begun using social media marketing with measurable outcomes. Because having an online presence on social media is required of any credible corporation these days, not using social media marketing might potentially harm your brand. 

What are the benefits of social media marketing for my company?

Whether your company uses it or not, social media has permanently transformed the way customers and businesses communicate. Being available to your customers – and potential customers – via social media is critical for building relationships and guiding them through the sales funnel. 

How much does social media marketing cost? What’s the ROI?

One thing is certain: social media marketing does not come cheap. There is always a cost, whether you spend your own important time on it, ask an employee to add it to their task, hire a social media staff, or outsource to a marketing business. The aim is to receive the most return on your investment of time or money. However, it's vital to realize that ROI doesn't always imply profit. It certainly can, but it can also refer to achieving other goals, such as generating new leads, growing email subscribers, or even improving customer happiness. The outcome of your social media marketing plan directly reflects how focused it is.